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Where the Money Is

Where the Money Is


Development studio:
Flaming Bat Studios
Bareware Studios

Release date:
30 August 2017

Available platforms:
Windows (Steam)

Regular Price:
USD 3.99
EUR 3.99
CAD 4.65
GBP 2.89


'Where the Money Is' is a puzzle game about orchestrating bank robberies. The player is put in control of a team of characters already situated in a bank. Their goal: to escape while grabbing as much cash possible on the way out.

More specifically, 'Where the Money Is' is a top down, turn based game with a unique approach to the heist genre. All players and enemies move on a grid. Enemies move in a fixed pattern, allowing the player to more effectively plan their moves ahead.

You will be put in charge of a variety of the 6 playable characters. The basic character, the Demolitionist (for blowing open the vault), the Engineer, who can hack into the vault remotely using circuit breakers, the Locksmith, skilled at unlocking locked doors, the Architect, who can see inside the vault, and finally the Accountant, who collects double the money the rest of the characters can.


'Where the Money Is' started out as a one day collaboration of two people. Now, 4 months later, we are finally ready to release this experience to the world!


  • 11 Steam achievements
  • 6 different characters to control, each with individual abilities
  • Over 50 unique levels
  • Steam Cloud support for synchronized saves

Press and coverage

Where the Money Is offers thought-provoking puzzles [...] this premiere title from two studios doesn't disappoint.


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Development team

Tyler Moore
Lead developer, designer, programmer, and composer

Mitchel Eppich
Lead artist, designer, composer


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